The Proposal: Well, Part 01 of it as according to ahem.. my fiancé.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hello. ok i'm just gonna say this now! I said YES last night. 

He brought me to 1-Altitude for a romantic fancy dinner at the amazing 62nd floor Stellar. Truly aw-mazing and breathetaking night view of Singapore.

Came back from the ladies and found my champagne glass refilled! At that point i didn't even know my engagement ring was in there! :/
I'm naturally quite blur and blind really. Hahahha I'm the type who would miss a huge building that's right in front of me.

When i asked why was my glass refilled, he panicked and thought i saw the ring, 
hahahah silly baby!

And then he kneeled down and pop the most important question.

 And the rest is history.
Heheheh, i still can't stop giggling while looking at him and the ring and thinking omg this goofy dude is now my fiancé!!! Getting engaged after being together for 8 years, we were together since i was 14 and he was 18! This is.. really huge and a GIANT step forward hahaha this year is HUGE for us.

He's really sweet and "traditional" really, afew months back he has already asked my parents out for a fancy dinner, and asked my parents officially for my hand. Awwww i know that alot of guys don't do things this way anymore.. he was stuttering and having his tongue all twisted and fyi, for him being nervous is almost unheard of. I was so touched and i'll always remember that moment.

Hahahah he actually planned out 3 other freaking epic proposals but all of them didn't work.

Proposal #01 :   
He initially planned to propose to me at Wang Lee Hom's concert in Singapore (WTS?!) Fyi, if you don't know, he's the back up vocalist for Wang Lee Hom's Music Man Concert Tour now! BUT that time, at the last minute Jann Paul notified him and said that my ring was not ready, they have to send back japan or whatever to do some changes.
Proposal #01 - FAIL!!!

Proposal #02:  
That day i saw xiaxue's instagram that her friend proposed there and i told him about it, then he was like: "NBBBB i wanted to propose to you there!!! Switch is my turf leh!!!! " (He sings at switch every Tuesday/Friday when he's not on tour with Wang Leehom) then he was like "OMG I hate xiaxue to death!!!" hahahah :x
Proposal #02 - FAIL!!!

Proposal #03:  

Leon ask me to search for dozo's number on his phone, then i thought he ask me to google it, then i use his safari then i saw the search "rilakkuma mascot singapore"
hahahahahahahaha!!! I obviously didn't think so much then i was like "OMG YOU WANNA COME SURPRISE ME IN RILA AH!!!" then his face stun and super stun stun stun until he looks like he's having cramps in his face!
hahahah he wanted to propose to me in rila mascot hahahaha bei wo cai chuan le -.-
Proposal #03 - FAIL!!!

Ahem according to him.. this is only Part 01 of the proposal. Hahahahha well we'll see what's in store for me then? I'm curious. What's gonna happen in Part 02 of a proposal? Is there even such a thing? Hahahha totally unheard of. (: Love you baby!

Can't. Stop. Admiring. My. Gorgeous. Ring!!!! It's so sparkly and just too perfect.

Isn't the ♡ the most adorable thing EVER? My ahem.. fiancé (I'm gonna need some time to get used to it!) designed it by the way. 

He drew this rough sketch of the ring and got it customized at Jann Paul.
JP Super Ideal Cut - Perfect Hearts and Arrows” diamond, is indeed perfect!

Ninja wondering what the huge fuss is about and manja kitty wants some loooooove too. He's getting super adorable these day, not so anti-social anymore, he even follows me around the house quite abit nowadays! Awwww feels so loved! Heheh

♡ The Luckiest Chick.

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